MAET: Small Steps, Big Results ?>

MAET: Small Steps, Big Results

You’re looking for a new school, aren’t you?

Well, the very first thing which comes to your mind whenever you think of joining a new school is the entrance test, and of course, the entrance test is the very first step for admission to the new school.

The Manthan School conducts its entrance test, Manthan Admission Entrance Test [MAET] to help students find the right school for themselves. It is the first small step towards big results.

The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida West, which conducts a Manthan admission entrance test [MAET] every year for students from grades 6 to 12. The Manthan school vision is to provide a safe, happy, and protective environment in a campus built around the curriculum enabling students to be curious and become lifelong learners.

Benefits of joining The Manthan School

The Manthan School empowers its students with the highest levels of learning, turning them into good students and proactive members of society.

At The Manthan School, we aim to make learning an extraordinary experience. We believe and make our students believe that it is the people who make the world interesting and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As the world sits at a crossroads The Manthan School sees itself as the creators of agents of change providing its students a stimulating environment while nurturing their talents, honing their skills, and turning them into global citizens when the time comes for them to leave the nest.

Our curriculum has been modified, evolved, and developed over time according to the needs of children. School follows a way of teaching and learning, where in many areas of the curriculum are connected and integrated within a theme.

The Manthan School is like a home and its teachers are akin to mothers who take pride while feeding their young ones when they are with them and are tearfully joyous when empowered with the knowledge they set out to fly and conquer the world.

Tips to prepare for MAET

Whenever it comes to entrance tests, students start to worry about many things like what type of questions will be asked, how to prepare, and many more. So, thinking about such students, here are some essential tips to prepare for the Manthan Admission Entrance Test.

●   Training your mind before exams result in inconsistency, and consistency is crucial for entrance exams. Whenever you practice for exams, set your alarm clock according to the time given for the exam

●   Many times examiners try to play with students’ minds by twisting the language of the question instead of giving it directly. So, the most important thing is to read and understand the meaning of the question.

●       Make sure that you read the questions calmly. Otherwise, if you read the question in a hurry and the language of the question is twisted, you might think that the question is beyond your syllabus and do not attempt it. Do not make such silly mistakes and go through each question carefully.

●       Time management is one of the important aspects to crack an entrance exam. This applies to the study schedule and to attempting the paper as well.

●   Practice, practice, and practice to achieve your cherished goal! This is the thumb rule for cracking exams. Ensure that your concepts are clear and you are aware of all the right ways to solve questions within the timeframe.

Therefore, get, set, and be ready to achieve the best for you. The Manthan School is one the best schools near Gaur City Noida Extension. It provides a great environment with the best academic and co-curricular opportunities. Last but not the least, believe in yourself, be confident, and do your best.

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