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Personality Development of A Student ?>

Personality Development of A Student

Personality can be defined as a dynamic organisation, and it is a broad term. A person has its own characteristics and qualities which give him a distinct identity. Personality of a child cannot be changed or evaluated over a night, it takes times and persistence. Personality development is the outcome of various factors which includes will power, concentration, memory, persona, poise to name a few. Thus, here are some tips to groom your children into becoming a perfect adult: 1)…

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Creativity V/S Intelligence ?>

Creativity V/S Intelligence

Intelligence is an attribute of being smart and well-informed, whereas creativity is a mental process through which ideas pops into your mind. Intelligence and creativity are both mental abilities. Intelligence comes from the childhood itself, and involves a high capacity of learning or comprehending a particular term. Creativity is when we try to formulate new and innovative ideas, one that hasn’t been thought by the other. Both are equally important, and render different explanations, such as: Intelligence: 1) Has a…

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Benefits of A Visual Enriched Class ?>

Benefits of A Visual Enriched Class

Sometimes learning through textbooks can be a pretty boring thing for a student. All the time seeing the teacher just explaining concepts or noting down things on the blackboard can be pretty exhausting. The students tend to get sleepy, and there is nothing much engaging or exciting in the class. Thus, introducing a visual enriched class can be beneficial in every way. I have learnt this visually formed classroom experience from The Manthan School which is one of the best Schools in Greater…

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Is Grouping Student by Ability Logical? ?>

Is Grouping Student by Ability Logical?

We all have gone through the embarrassment of being grouped in the low category, and not able to tell our parents about it, because we feel ashamed. How degrading that is for a child? All your confidence lowers down, because you have been grouped in a low ability category. Even if you are energetic at that moment, all of that goes in vain because even your peers know what teachers actually think about you. Be it any subject, teachers have…

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