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The Importance of Experiential Learning ?>

The Importance of Experiential Learning

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 12:47 pmExperiential learning is a special way of learning that is really important for students. It’s not just about sitting in a classroom and listening to the teacher talk. Instead, it’s about getting hands-on experience and actually doing things yourself. This kind of learning helps you understand things better and remember them for a longer time. It also helps you develop important skills that you can use in your everyday life. When you…

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Top 7 Innovative Teaching Techniques for Kids ?>

Top 7 Innovative Teaching Techniques for Kids

Last updated on August 31st, 2023 at 05:53 amAs educators, it is important to constantly look for ways to improve our teaching practices to better engage and inspire our students. Innovative teaching techniques can help to create a dynamic learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a love of learning. The Manthan School believes an innovative and interactive teaching technique can make learning easy and long-lasting for students. And as parents, there are a few things that are always…

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The Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Children ?>

The Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Children

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 06:56 amBedtime tales strengthen parent-child relationships and get kids ready for sleep. However, a recent study has linked this nightly habit to further powers. There are several advantages of reading bedtime stories to your children. The Manthan School encourages parents of preschool to inculcate bedtime storytelling habits in their kids. For instance, keeping a library of bedtime stories for infants might not only help you put them to sleep quickly but also foster…

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