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Month: June 2021

Teaching Kids About Cyber Security ?>

Teaching Kids About Cyber Security

As we all know, modern times like today demand high knowledge of new-age technologies in order to keep up with the dynamic pace of a competitive society. Technology And Internet Are Complementary Goods For A Human Life We’ve become so reliant on technology to execute all kinds of tasks. Be it minor or major, it has become nearly impossible to do any sort of work without it. People can’t even keep in touch with each other without using social media…

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A Greener Today is A Better Tomorrow ?>

A Greener Today is A Better Tomorrow

Environment plays a significant role in impacting our eating habits, shopping preferences, and even where we choose to go on holiday. However, the current age of industrialization and globalization has brought a great deal of convenience and luxury to human existence. It has also led to a distressing condition of massive environmental deterioration resulting due to the involvement of humans in all kinds of activities. The schools in Greater Noida West help nurture the significance of the environment in its…

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