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Month: November 2018

When education gets an artistry touch ?>

When education gets an artistry touch

Art is always considered significant when planning an ideal educational structure because it promotes healthy development in mind. It acts as a never-ending support for the child when they face little struggles during their journey. Art is present around us in every form and it creates a deep impact on our mood and emotions. And that is one of the reasons why it’s extremely important to have art as one of the main elements in an academic curriculum. Art also…

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An innovative approach ?>

An innovative approach

Education sector in India has always been regarded on top-notch priority when investing. We all seek the best for our young ones and that’s what they deserve too, right? But not all strive for the same objective of making a change. All educational structures emphasize on bringing the academic stress with curriculums whereas very few are able to achieve an international approach with an Indian soch. Ranked amongst one of the best educational projects & schools in Greater Noida West,…

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