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Month: December 2018

The home of experiential learning – The Manthan School ?>

The home of experiential learning – The Manthan School

Academics are always kept on priority when institutes seek an ideal way of educating its children. This comprises of different subjects according to child’s age and evaluation afterwards. But with this common practice in our system, it becomes monotonous for both the learner and the teacher to keep circling around the same pattern which doesn’t adds to their interest. As stated by many expertise in the teaching field, it becomes important to keep on igniting children’s interest towards what they…

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Making of a “Manthanite” ?>

Making of a “Manthanite”

An educational institute and its atmosphere decides the learning route for its children. It becomes extremely important for these bodies, to regulate its teaching techniques which adds more to children’s initial phase. Mental & physical growth always comes with time, therefore it doesn’t need to be enforced upon students. Children should always be left with their own imagination and space to explore new subjects & objects which leads to self-exploration. The authorities aim at providing an environment where students can…

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More than just a “School” ?>

More than just a “School”

A child’s learning capacity is three times faster during his/her initial stage of education. And this nature makes the situation more critical for educational institutes to act upon, strategically and efficiently so that the child doesn’t feel burdened or dis-interested. It becomes really important for institutes to keep a straight vision in providing the highest form of education in such a manner that it also enables child’s exploration to many verticals, be it academics or physical education. A complete education…

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“Your child’s first home” ?>

“Your child’s first home”

The advanced world we live in offers us to learn and master any knowledge that we wish for. The technology has added more to human’s comfort and everything at ease.  But the most basic prospects of life like time management, stress coping and decision-making abilities always begins in the classroom. More than just a disciplinary institution that your child is bound to attend, schools help your child with developing a perspective in life. Education helps us to build opinions about…

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