“Your child’s first home” ?>

“Your child’s first home”

The advanced world we live in offers us to learn and master any knowledge that we wish for. The technology has added more to human’s comfort and everything at ease.  But the most basic prospects of life like time management, stress coping and decision-making abilities always begins in the classroom. More than just a disciplinary institution that your child is bound to attend, schools help your child with developing a perspective in life. Education helps us to build opinions about different aspects around us. And this comes as the first home for our children, where they learn & prepare themselves for the real world.


Built on the pillars of Indian culture & heritage, The Manthan School near Gaur City is one of the few excellent educational institutes that you’ll witness in Delhi/NCR. It is one of the few learning institutes that have succeeded to an Indian parent’s thought of cultural upbringing. The thought behind the institute believe in investing the best in upcoming creators who always carry an opinion for a better change. In order to provide home environment to children, every teacher comes as a mother for every individual. The institute has been investing with all their heart towards the education sector believing that every child deserves the finest education and information available.

The institute is situated in a low-traffic area, offering easy accessibility to people travelling from Delhi/NCR and can surely be marked as the right choice if you are considering for schools in Greater Noida West or nearby region. The institute focuses on maintaining a complete balance between mental health & physical health of the child. This practice includes equal distribution of academics & co-curricular activities in overall curriculum. Educational institutes put a lot of effort in guiding the best out of an individual, so they can become pro-active members of our society and further lead to nation’s growth.

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