How To Balance Academics and Co-curricular Activities? ?>

How To Balance Academics and Co-curricular Activities?

Balancing academics and other co-curricular activities was never easy, and it has only gotten harder with each passing year due to the rapid increase in competition.

As educators in the school and as parents at home, we can together help our children tackle this pressure, and guide them on this journey through their school life.

The Manthan School has put together a few ways in which we can achieve this balance between academics and co-curricular activities.

Create a timetable

A timetable that includes academics, co-curricular activities, as well as break-times, is a boon in the long run. It allows your child to follow a routine best suited for them, and a flexible timetable also helps them choose and pick their activities without draining themselves out.

Choose your activities wisely

Your child does not need to participate in all activities that your school or locality offers. Choose activities in such a way that your child will remain engaged in them for a long time, it will enhance his or her academics, or something that they will enjoy, like a sport.

With a focus on supporting education & academics and helping students to express themselves, the Manthan School offers activities such as in-depth language studies, outdoor as well as indoor sports, music & dance, theatre, etc.

Take necessary breaks

Your timetable should contain flexible break times to avoid burnout.

Apart from this, there should also be opportunities in your child’s schedule to take off-days in case of medical reasons, academic pressure, or if they do not feel like undertaking any particular activities on that day. Breaks and interval times are important to you as a parent as well as your child.


According to your child’s liking, inclination, and overall importance, prioritize the selected activities. Choose what can take preference over which other activities, and accordingly explain this to your child as well.

The most common example of all is prioritizing academics over sports, but this can change according to each child’s needs.

This way, you can look at different methods of achieving the right balance between academics and other activities for your child. In order to avoid burnout, the primary focus should always be on the students’ mental and physical well-being.

At the Manthan School, we strive to strike this balance by blending our courses to achieve the best possible combination of academics, sports, and other craft-based activities.

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