Questions to ask while choosing a school for your child ?>

Questions to ask while choosing a school for your child

Selecting a school for your child’s education is one of the most important decisions taken by parents for their kids single-handedly. This decision is a massive factor in influencing and molding your child in their formative years, leading up to the kind of person they become when they eventually step out into the world.


Thus, The Manthan School has put together a list of factors that need to be taken into consideration while selecting a school. A list of questions that you, as a parent, can ask to gauge how the school is, and how well it is suited for your child’s education.


Q1. What is the culture of the school?

Understanding the philosophy, the vision, and the mission of the school is very important, especially from the staff and the management.


Q2. What is your typical classroom like?

Student-teacher ratio, class strength, type of curriculum followed – all need to be kept in mind while the final school is to be selected.


Q3. How is your school different from other schools in the city?

This question can be posed to the management or the teachers. Other parents may also be able to identify how the school you are considering stands out from the other schools in the city.


Q4. Apart from academics, what activities do you offer?

Extra-curricular activities, clubs, festivities, and other occasions that your school of consideration indulges in bring out the academic-activity balance the school believes in.


Q5. How important is technology in your school?

With an improvement in technology and the necessary integration of technological education within all curriculums, it is necessary that as a parent, you identify if the school believes in the use of modern technology for education or it still sticks to the older methods of teaching and learning.


Q6. What does the school expect from its students?

Every school holds expectations from its students and strives to achieve these through their time with the school. These can be academic expectations, discipline, sports-based, or of a variety of other characters.


Q7. What will be my contribution as a parent to your school?

As a parent, you will have active participation in the activities that your child indulges in within the school, especially in the primary years. Thus, it is important to know what you will be getting into, and whether the school expects you to be present constantly or participate in the educational and overall growth of your child while in school.


Q8. What will a typical academic year cost me?

Last but certainly not least, schools are an expensive affair. Apart from tuition, as a parent, you might have to pay for uniforms, books, extra-curricular activities, celebrations, trips, and a host of other charges that may not be mentioned while you confirm your ward’s admission. All these charges must be asked about and accessed before confirmation.


These are a few questions that can be asked when you finalize a school for your child. The Manthan School hopes that armed with the right information, you succeed in selecting the perfect school, suited for your ward in every way possible.


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