A new saga of educational excellence with The Manthan School, Greater Noida West ?>

A new saga of educational excellence with The Manthan School, Greater Noida West

After winning hearts in Delhi/NCR with its Noida branch, The Manthan School further expands its roots in Greater Noida West with a 2.5-acre campus surrounded with green vicinity. The school intends on encouraging the innovative side of child to explore & discover new learnings and challenges. The school authorities focus on developing a multi-cultural growth for children so they can improve in every skill, be it academics or sports. Based in Greater Noida West, the campus is in close vicinity to major housing complexes which is not only convincing for parents but also a relief to people looking for School near Gaur city.


The institute provides a deep learning of concepts through its educational programme which further helps in strengthening the skills. The curriculum is specifically designed to integrate learning across all subjects which supports individual growth in a more comprehensive manner. Also, the institution provides co-curricular activities like performing arts, which includes learning Indian & Western music; fine arts, which includes art education; and photography. These verticals are introduced specifically to enhance a wider sense of learning for every child as the campus provides detailed overview on every individual child. This programme is made to create an equal balance between academics& co-curricular activities so to enrich significant knowledge in each factor.

The campus is also convenient from all major parts of Delhi/NCR and one of the nearest School near Gaur City Noida Extension. Indian parents are often not convinced with their children travelling a long way for their schools. And there are many other factors that keep Indian parents in questions like school course, activities, teachers and surroundings. We at The Manthan School, primarily focus on building the best for our individuals. This includes conducting weekly workshops for our teachers on child development and classroom management which further helps them in building a better relationship with children.

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