Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in School Education ?>

Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in School Education

Co-curricular activities are an important part of school education as they supplement the academic curriculum. They help in the all-around development of a child by providing a platform to showcase their talents and skills.

co curricular activities

These activities also play a vital role in the personality development of a child. They help in the social, emotional, and physical development of a child and teach them important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Participating in co-curricular activities also helps in improving a child’s self-confidence and decision-making abilities. It helps them discover their interests and passions, leading to the development of a well-rounded individual.

A majority of people think school is only for academics. But it’s also about social and creative development, and we have to be more aware of that. We can’t just focus on learning for the sake of learning. The Manthan School ensures to pay attention to subjects beyond academics.

Benefits of co-curricular activities

Let’s now discuss the benefits that it offers to students.

Builds confidence and self-esteem

As discussed above, taking part in extra-curricular activities helps in developing a child’s self-esteem and confidence level as well as various kinds of skill set which comes in handy for future use too.

Improves memory power

Research has shown that children who take part in extra-curricular activities are better able to concentrate on study topics and also perform better at examinations due to an increase in concentration levels.

Develops social skills

The best way to learn social skills is by being in a social setting. Participating in extra-curricular activities from a young age allows students to build their comfort level and confidence in various situations, especially when they’re being observed by their peers.

This encourages students to be unafraid of trying out new things and sharing their opinions with others and helps boost their self-esteem as well.

As they grow older, these social skills help them practice critical thinking and problem-solving as part of a team effort. The ability to communicate effectively with other people will also become a crucial skill for future careers — as well leadership, which can be learned through leading teams or groups during extra-curricular activities.

Boosts confidence

Confidence is an important skill to develop because it often leads to success — and success leads to more confidence. The more confidence students have in themselves and their abilities, the more confidence others will have in them.

This can then lead to positive opportunities in student life: maybe taking a risk that pays off, finding the courage to ask for help when you need it, or even accepting a promotion at work.


When students get the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities, they get to interact with their peers and teachers. They also learn how to communicate with people from different backgrounds. Not only does this help them make more friends, but it also teaches them how to think on their feet.

Many times, students are asked to express their point of view about a particular subject. This is where learning how to put your point across plays an important role. Once a student learns how to do so effectively, he/she will be able to solve many problems in life as well as in academics.


When students participate in a team-oriented activity, they learn the importance of working with others. They also find out how to be a part of a group and what it takes to develop good teamwork skills.

Participating in activities also shows you how to be a leader when the time arises. Most of all, students learn that success can only happen when everyone works together as one.

Extra-curricular activities should never be ignored

Extra-curricular activities help in developing a positive outlook toward life. It is often seen in the best schools in Greater Noida West that students who are involved in some kind of co-curricular activities are more confident than those who do not even try once to participate in any sort of extracurricular activities.

The Manthan School is the top cbse school in greater Noida West that gives equal importance to extracurricular activities along with academics.

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