7 Great Career Fields for the Future — Next 10 Years ?>

7 Great Career Fields for the Future — Next 10 Years

Over the next few years, careers paths and fields that are relevant today will give way to careers focussed on a more futuristic way of living, with intelligent modifications coming in for the existing careers as well.

On this note, the Manthan School has curated a list of seven upcoming career fields that will grow in importance over the next 10 years in the country, and are bound to see growth opportunities in leaps and bounds as well as provide high monetary returns.

These fields have been discussed in detail below.

  1. Digital Marketing

With the world having been forced to convert to a virtual medium of communication due to the pandemic, the next few years will see an increase in the use of digital space.

This will give rise to the importance of digital marketing, with most businesses choosing to convert to a completely digital form of advertising and publicizing their products and services over traditional techniques like print and banner ads.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

An advanced form of software engineering, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence is the new normal when it comes to electronic devices.

From the small food processor in your home to the largest of submarines, artificially intelligent software will, over the next few years, make the working of all devices easier, more human-independent, and self-learning.

  1. Mental Health & Well-being

Today’s generation identifies the necessity of mental health and the need to consider and treat it equally to physical health.

This coming around and acceptance has led to an increasing number of people approaching mental health professionals to aid their progress in life. Thus, the importance of mental health professionals, like psychiatrists and psychologists, will only increase in the future.

  1. Data Analysis

With vast amounts of data coming in with the increased use of electronic communication and digital data servers, the analysis of the same is becoming increasingly important every day.

The systematic understanding of this data and the process of converting it into usable information about the users for companies and firms to use is data analysis, and it stands today as one of the highest-paid jobs in the world.

  1. Cyber Security

The availability of data, information, and sensitive material come from the need for security, and this is what will occur with the world duplicating itself onto a digital medium of communication. Cybersafety and security have been, over the past few years, a field rising in demand, and will continue to do so for the future too.

Experts in cyber security have an opportunity to work with all forms of companies, firms, and individuals, starting from MNCs and large corporations, government agencies, small-scale offices to important individuals who require additional safety due to the sensitive nature of their work.

  1. Alternative Energy

With a constantly rising rate of depletion of natural fossil fuels, the need for renewable energy will rise rapidly over the next few years.

Technicians equipped with knowledge about sources of alternative energy, such as Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, and Solar Energy, will be in high demand. This field will also entail the research and development of sustainable vehicles, machinery, and fuels.

  1. Human and Animal Medicine

Medicine has always been an important field in the country, and trends show that this will continue to remain among the most needed and respected fields for the next few years as well. This field will also see an increase in demand for veterinary medicine and an influx of artificial intelligence that will precede in the surgical department.

In conclusion, these seven fields see the maximum possibilities of expansion, development, and increase in demand over the next few years.

While selecting a career path or looking for upskilling opportunities, these fields could be kept in mind to receive the highest returns for your invested time, money, and efforts.

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