5 reasons to look beyond academics when planning your career ?>

5 reasons to look beyond academics when planning your career

Academics is one of the most important factors to consider when you select a career, but it is not the only reason to be considered.

Apart from an educational path and a selection of subjects, academics will not be able to mold the life you choose for yourself over the coming years. Thus, it is important to take a look at these five reasons that talk about looking beyond academics when planning your career.

Reason 1:

Academic strength and talent are separate considerations

More often than not, academic excellence is considered a talent, but reality shows that this is seldom true. Talents, such that may develop from hobbies, interests, genetics, or just plain hard work, have a strong potential of becoming profitable and satisfying careers apart from the academic training received.

This is why the set of talents acquired by an individual should be kept in mind apart from education while selecting a career path.
Reason 2:

Additional skills are not just added perks, but necessary stepping stones

With every career path, upskilling everyone in a while becomes important, apart from academics, to keep up with market trends, peers and to maintain an overall position on the corporate ladder.

As a person walking a career path, you would recognize the additional skills that would be required to be gained by you over the next few years. Thus, as an individual, you should make the decision of which skills you are willing to put in efforts for, and how much additional time and money you will be willing to shell out to keep up with the progress of your career.


Reason 3:

Priorities would be decided for life

Changing careers may be possible later, but it is difficult. The career chosen by you molds the entirety of your lifestyle, and this consideration is sometimes forgotten.

Friends, family, peers, colleagues, the society and neighborhood you occupy – everything attached to you is affected by and their behaviors towards you are modified by the career(s) you choose to pursue.


Reason 4:

Growth should occur mentally, socially as well as physically

For a career to give as much return as you put in the effort, your mental, physical and social well-being should not deteriorate, but rather grow in strength.

An individual choose a career to facilitate their lifestyle and give meaning to their day. Thus, the chosen career should not be draining in energy or take up excessive time from the individual’s life, but it should instead aid in their overall growth over time.


Reason 5:

Monetary returns stand just as important

Whatever career that gets chosen will be the source of income for you, and not all careers provide the same return when the same amount of effort is put in. So, apart from considering your likes, interests, skillset, and academic preferences, the monetary returns provided by the selected careers should also be prioritized.

A consideration of reasons and factors beyond academics should be taken to create for yourself a career that is rich in work culture, monetary returns as well as satisfying to undergo.

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