Teaching Beyond Academics ?>

Teaching Beyond Academics

Outside the standard framework of any educational curriculum, there are endless opportunities for students to learn new skills and ignite new passions. That’s where Extra-curricular activities come into play which are an essential part of school life and help in enhancing the learning process of students at school.

The Manthan School is the best school near gaur city which gives great emphasis to extracurricular activities, along with academics, so that the hidden potential of students could be cultivated and harnessed properly in a positive learning environment. Academic rigors such as in-depth reading and complex problem-solving go far to strengthen the mind, but extracurricular activities will take this mind strengthening even further.

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The curriculum of The Manthan School is supplemented with a range of extracurricular activities: arts, sports, music, dance, theater, photography, performing arts, and much more enhancing the intellectual, emotional, and moral development of the students. Some of the benefits to the students of integrating a wide range of extra –curricular activities in the school are:

  • Excellent academic performance
  • Higher self esteem
  • Enhance team work skills
  • Better social and communication skills
  • Enhance adaptable skills
  • Motivates learning
  • Explores new interest

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