Importance of Play in Student’s Learning and Development ?>

Importance of Play in Student’s Learning and Development

Play is an important part of a student’s early years development. Playing helps young student’s brains to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature. When student plays, they learn about themselves and their surroundings. This includes how to coordinate their body movements, talk with friends, apply rules, and more. But the learning process is even broader than this. Play is more than you think; it is a way for a student to familiarize themselves with the world while exploring and testing their limits. At the same time, they are engaged in an activity that provides them enjoyment.

The Manthan School is considered among the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR in which play based learning is carried out from the early years of the student. Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of student and youth. Some of the benefits of integrating play based learning in the curriculum are:


  • Stimulate Early Brain Development
  • Improve Intelligence
  • Spark Creative Thinking
  • Improve Communication, Vocabulary, and Language
  • Promote Impulse Control and Emotion Regulation
  • Grow Social Competence and Empathy
  • Better Physical and Mental Health
  • Natural stress reliever
  • Develop Mindfulness

Play is the building blocks for establishing confidence, coping abilities, flexibility and positive interactions with others. Through play, a student can apply these skills as they grow into a young adult. If you are considering the best nursery admissions in Noida Extension, The Manthan School is an ideal school for your child where there is no limitation to learning.

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