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Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

The Manthan School - Defining Excellence in Delhi NCR

One can find many good schools in Delhi NCR. But the real struggle is finding the best one for your little one so you can be assured about their bright future. A good school not only creates scholars but also helps them to grow as a person who values culture and have a positive attitude toward life.

The pre-primary curriculum of The Manthan School has been modified, evolved, and developed over time according to the needs of children. Many areas of the curriculum are interconnected and integrated within a theme to facilitate effective teaching and learning. The curriculum helps students become lifelong learners and allows efficient coverage and delivery in terms of expertise, resources, and time. 

The Manhan School provides a safe, happy, and protective environment in a campus built around the curriculum enabling students to wonder and be curious, explore with a free mind, and develop lifelong learning skills. We realise the true potential of the child and are committed to preparing the child in such a way that they can stand tall on their terms in this fast-growing world. The Manthan School comes first in the list of top 10 schools in Delhi NCR. Without thinking twice, get your child enrolled in one of the best schools where value-based education is the core concept.


Our Vision is to provide a safe, happy and protective environment in a campus built around the curriculum enabling students to wonder and be curious, explore with a free mind and equip them with the skills to become life-long learners.

  • Cuddle Bugs (Toddlers): 09:00am - 12:40pm
  • Level 1 (Hatchlings): 09:00am - 12:40pm
  • Level 2 (Nestlings): 09:00am - 12:40pm
  • Level 2 (Fledglings): 08:00am - 12:40pm
  • Grade 1 onwards : 08:00am - 2:20pm
  • Cuddle Bugs (Toddlers):- 1 teacher with every 20 students
  • Level 1(Hatchlings):- 1 teacher with every 25 students
  • Level 2(Nestlings):- 1 teacher with every 25 students
  • Level 3(Fledglings):- 1 teacher with every 25 students
  • Note:- All the above-mentioned classes will have a full time trained nanny
  • Grade 1 upwards the strength will not exceed beyond 30 students in each class.
    • The Manthan School believes in the all-round development of a student’s personality. The school programme is a unique which lays emphasis on holistic development through engagement in academics, sports, and co-curricular activities. In order to achieve this, a wide range of - Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) are offered to children.
    • Trained Professionals and instructors ensure that your child is well instructed in a host of extra-curricular activities. The school provides activities: Theatre, Fine Arts, Western/ Indian Music, dance, Sports like Basketball, Football, Skating, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Badminton, Chess and Carrom Board,.

    At The Manthan School the well being of our students is of utmost importance. We provide nursing services to students and staff members to maximize the general health and wellness. The fully air-conditioned school Infirmary is equipped with all the necessary equipment and facilities to address the immediate health needs while in school

    A qualified and experienced nurse is available on campus to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours. In the event of an emergency requiring medical attention, the student will be shifted to the nearest hospital and parents will be informed of the same.

    The school is maintaining an excellent fleet of comfortable, well maintained, air conditioned buses accompanied by female attendants. The main aim is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient service to our students.

    There is no compromise with the safety aspects and guidelines are strictly adhered to. The buses are GPS enabled

    • CCtv Cameras have been installed in all the nooks and corners of the school.
    • The classrooms are child friendly with anti skid flooring as well as no sharp edges in the room.
    • There is a round the clock nurse available in the school.

    Not at all possible for Nursery or Primary classes. In some cases age limit criteria may be relaxed in middle and high school classes.

    The school offers a choice of four languages ie: Sanskrit, French and German.

    The school follows the curriculum designed by CBSE.

    The academic session is divided into two semesters

    Mid Term: April to September

    Final Term: October to march

    GRADE 1-2

    No formal examination is held for Grade 1-2. However, weekly assessments (Periodic Tests) are conducted to evaluate the progress of the child.

    GRADE 3-8

    First Term and Second term are given annual weightage in Annual result.

    First Term/ Second Term: Mid Term/Final Term assessment (80 marks) and Internal Assessment (20 Marks)

    GRADE 9 & 11

    Annual Assessment: Annual Exam (80 Marks) and Internal assessment (20 Marks)

    Yes, the classrooms are air-conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children in the summer months. They are also well ventilated and brightly lit to make the most of spring and autumn months, so that children enjoy nature in the more moderate months.

    PTMs are conducted once in every six (6) weeks.

    The Manthan School encourages parents to take a proactive interest in their child's education. Every year the school conducts an orientation program for new parents so that the parents may understand the activities and programs that they can use at home to augment their child's education. In addition, the school also encourages parents to take classes or conduct workshops, assist teachers, offer student internship placements, planning field trips, and anything else that a parent might wish to do to further their child's growth. Teachers are available for consultation or discussion with a day's prior notice

    Manthan considers parents as partners in education process and are free to meet teachers with prior appointments

    In order to keep pace with today’s information age; we have an efficient ERP portal which will keep you updated on each and every information about your ward and it will also help you in updating yourself on the day to day happenings at the school.

    ERP portal is the best way to interact with faculty members.

    Yes, the school has a child counselor who is professionally trained to understand, empathize and discuss any problem or situation with the children. All discussions with the counselor are strictly confidential.

    We understand that students may need to change school or withdraw their candidature from school due to various reasons, such as transfer, relocation etc. If a child is being withdrawn from the school, parent should meet the admission team and lodge a letter of intent giving at least 2 months notice, so that quarterly fee is not charged further.

    • Parents need to get the Withdrawal Form, fill the application for the Transfer Certificate and submit the duly filled documents with the Admission Department.
    • An email prior to the issue of form will be appreciated as it helps in better management.
    • The admission department will get the no due certificate from all the departments of the school and settle any pending payments with parent.
    • Once all the procedure is completed the Transfer Certificate is issued by the school.
    • Greater Noida West Campus is a Senior Secondary School from Cuddle Bugs (Toddlers) to Grade 12
    • Cancellation of admission request will not be entertained after 28th Feb 2023. Incase if the parent applies in the month of March the entire Quarter Fee will be charged.
    • Yes the school admits boys and girls in all classes.
    • No, we do not have any of these facilities.

    Appropriate educational qualifications, relevant experience, demonstration of the lesson and vigorous interview process are the selection criteria.

    Selecting the top school in Delhi NCR requires a careful consideration of various factors, such as the school's vision and mission, facilities, and academic and extracurricular programs. The Manthan School has a clear vision of providing a safe and happy environment that enables students to wonder and explore freely while equipping them with the necessary skills to become lifelong learners. The school's mission is to realize the true potential of each child and prepare them to stand tall in the world. At The Manthan School, excellence is the motto for every sphere of education, and the school is committed to providing world-class infrastructure and amenities in academics, sports, literary, debates, music, dance, drama, theatre, arts, and crafts. The school program has been designed to empower children to realize their maximum potential, with a focus on holistic development. Selecting the top school in Delhi NCR involves carefully evaluating the school's vision, mission, facilities, and academic and extracurricular programs, among other factors. The Manthan School appears to have a strong foundation in these areas, making it a suitable choice for parents seeking a quality education for their children.

    Fees can be deposited in any of the following ways:

    • Fee can be deposited online through our ERP App or Paytm App.
    • Cash can be deposited with the School’s Accounts Office.
    • Parents seeking for Fund Transfer/RTGS/NEFT: following are the Bank details, Kindly update the accounts department by emailing the transfer details at

    Payee name:  THE MANTHAN SCHOOL

    Account Number:  053422010000439

    Bank name:  UNION BANK OF INDIA


    IFSC Code:  UBIN0577995

    The Manthan School stands out due to its commitment to academic excellence, holistic development, experienced faculty, modern infrastructure, and a nurturing learning environment that prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world.

    Cultural and artistic pursuits are celebrated through various avenues such as art exhibitions, cultural festivals, music and dance performances, and creative workshops to nurture students' talents.

    Absenteeism from school is allowed only in cases of a child's illness or home emergencies. Regular attendance is important for maintaining a consistent learning experience.

    Students are not allowed to bring expensive items or electronic gadgets to school. The school will not be responsible for any losses or damages related to such items.

    Prior permission from the school is required for leaves lasting more than three days. Parents should communicate leave requests in advance to the school.

    If a child is suffering from a contagious disease, parents are advised not to send them to school until they have fully recovered to prevent the spread of the illness.

    In case of any change in address or phone numbers, parents should promptly inform both the class teacher and the school office to ensure accurate communication.

    The ERP mobile application serves as a vital mode of communication between parents and the school. Parents should download the app to receive day-to-day updates about their child's activities and school announcements.

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