Develop Leadership Skills in Children ?>

Develop Leadership Skills in Children

Being a leader is a valuable skill whether in school or eventually in real life. However, not all children have innate leadership skills. This is why it is vital to train children as early as possible to develop the qualities of a good leader. Even though leadership is considered as something innate and natural, it can also be taught and developed by adopting a wise approach. At The Manthan School, among the top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, the views of the children matter. We encourage children to share their views and ideas in a variety of ways.


Role of Parents in Nurturing Leadership

Parents play a pivotal role in the development of their children’s leadership abilities. By creating a supportive and encouraging environment at home, children feel empowered to take on challenges and embrace leadership roles. Additionally, setting positive examples and instilling strong values and ethics are essential in shaping a child’s leadership journey.

Role of Teachers and Educators

Teachers also play a crucial part in fostering leadership skills in children. Within the classroom, educators can encourage participation in class discussions and extracurricular activities that require teamwork and collaboration. Moreover, by helping children improve their communication and public speaking skills, teachers lay the foundation for effective leadership.

Earlier generations of teachers focused on only a few students who could lead and become monitors. With a sea change in systems of education, leadership qualities for students have also been transformed. Some children are focused and show a natural tendency to lead. But as they move to adulthood, each child should have leadership skills and be goal-oriented in life. It is important that children are raised in a way so that they stay competent and confident to accept the challenges posed by the world head-on. Remember that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Hence, in order to be successful, one of the key qualities that they need to possess is adept leadership skills.


Developing leadership skills in children is a responsibility that all parents, teachers, and mentors share. By fostering a supportive and encouraging environment, promoting self-confidence, teaching effective communication, and empowering children to lead with purpose, we can cultivate tomorrow’s leaders.

The Manthan School, one of the schools in Greater Noida West engages children in various extra-curricular sports and team activities to instill leadership skills. Enrolling kids in such extracurricular activities gives them the self-confidence to lead others. We believe that the school setting also has equal influence in nurturing and developing children’s skills and abilities.

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