Teach Life Skills To Students ?>

Teach Life Skills To Students

In today’s constantly changing work environment, having life skills is essential for everyone to meet everyday challenges and show off their potential in the wider world. However, in today’s educational environment, there is a mismatch between what is learned in the classroom and what the real-world demands. Far too often, the things that the students acquire from school education do not meet the needs placed on them in the real world. This is what makes it necessary for the schools to indeed consider providing students the kind of flexible and transferable life skills that are essentially needed to take true advantage of their language and academic knowledge that they’ve acquired.


We, The Manthan School, one of the best schools in Delhi NCR holds a strong emphasis on holistic learning and education that is focused on producing geniuses of tomorrow. We understand that a strong foundation level education makes all the difference in setting the tone for the student’s bright future.

Students do not inherently know how to work together in groups. Like any skill, positive social interaction needs to be taught and practiced. From a very young age, students can be taught how to be a valuable member of a group—for instance, by moving around the classroom without making noise. As students become more advanced, they can learn complex skills like how to disagree with ideas and not people or how to probe for more information by asking questions.

The Manthan School among the best school near Gaur City encourage students to work together in groups or teams for projects or any creative task,which allows them to understand working in teams and reflect on what it is meant to be a part of a group. We maintain an environment that helps students develop life skills is transforming their potential for better.

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