Why STEAM learning should be an integral part of educational program? ?>

Why STEAM learning should be an integral part of educational program?

Living in an ever-evolving age with technology, environment, and even systems advancing and changing rapidly; getting our kids ready for tomorrow has become a necessary yet difficult task. While education and learning are slowly shifting towards digital and comprehensive formats for better understanding of the children, a 360-degree approach for holistic learning and development becomes the need of the hour as technology, innovation, creativity, and academics converge today demanding higher abilities and skills amongst the children.

Addressing this convergence and making the children future-ready, The Manthan School, among the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, has adopted and implemented the STEAM initiative of learning that makes students not only competent and ready for the dynamic world but also gives them the much needed competitive edge, helping them stand apart at a global level. Aiming to integrate education, science, and arts, the STEAM Approach at the School aims to bring together- Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Maths, enriching the education for students to prepare them to solve real-world problems keeping up with the dynamics of today’s environment.

Here are specific reasons why STEAM learning should be an integral part of every educational program:-

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  1. It encourages independent thinking
  2. It offers an Interdisciplinary Approach
  3. It is a project based learning
  4. It develops problem-solving skills
  5. It engages real-world applications
  6. It promotes Meaningful Collaboration

Being one of the best CBSE school in Greater Noida West, The Manthan School promises an advantage to its students like no other. With our initiatives like exchange programs, entrepreneurship mentoring, and analytics projects, the STEAM approach helps the students in learning the skills in a more engaging way which makes them proficient from the very start and enabling them to select the right career for them as they grow up.

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