Identifying The Child’s Learning Style ?>

Identifying The Child’s Learning Style

Every child is very unique in their very own way. They all have different kinds of interests, styles and knowledge!! This means that they take in information differently than their peers so their learning style is going to vary. Finding out the children’s preferred learning style helps them to make a great study habit.


There are four main learning styles:

  •         Visual learner
  •         Auditory learner
  •         Logical learner
  •         Kinesthetic learner

The most important element is first recognizing the difference in student learning- the rest will flow from there.

We, at The Manthan School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida West, helps children to identify their learning style. Our well-trained teachers know different types of teaching styles. An educator’s teaching style can impact a student’s ability to learn and comprehend. In schools with large classrooms, it’s not always easy to personalize lessons, but using a mixed learning approach throughout coursework can help teachers as well as students to cater to each type of learning style.

The best teachers teach from the heart not just from books, the classrooms at The Manthan School are digitally enabled to give children the best possible environment. The environment is changing today and we are facilitating this change by adopting the latest methods in teaching. We encourage to form clubs and groups on our campus, this will help students to stimulate their brains and enjoy the process of learning.

We at The Manthan School, among the top high school in Greater Noida West, believes that the learning process should not be filled with dread, but rather with curiosity and passion. We realize the true potential of the children and are committed to prepare them in such a way that he\she can stand tall on his/her terms in this world.

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