Importance of nature in a child’s development ?>

Importance of nature in a child’s development

Being in nature has been shown to have a positive impact on a child’s physical and mental development. It can improve cognitive function, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen the immune system, and encourage creativity and imagination.


Spending time outdoors also promotes physical activity and helps children establish a connection with the natural world, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment. Overall, incorporating nature into a child’s daily life can greatly benefit their overall well-being and development.

Importance of nature in a child’s life

Spending time in nature is essential for cognitive development. Playing in nature stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills integral to executive function development in kids. Children who play and spend time in the environment have increased concentration and cognitive skills.

Today, most children prefer to sit in front of a screen over spending time outdoors, and many parents are worried about the effect on the development of their kids.


Being in nature offers children a wide variety of benefits, from physical to mental. The Manthan School, is the best play school in Noida Extension, providing children an opportunity to explore and learn through “question-asking, observation, experimentation, and reflection.”

  • Children can run, jump, climb, balance, and perform many outdoor activities, which helps in developing different muscles depending on the action performed.


  • When children have given the freedom to explore, they end up learning more than what you can teach them. Nature offers opportunities for everyone to play outside!
  • Since it is an unstructured environment, children are free to share, cooperate, and navigate peer conflicts. Getting children to nature is the best way of teaching them life skills of respect, humility, and the power of spontaneity.
  • Nature keeps grounded in the front of other powerful and mighty sources that exist and inspires your child to grow and mature with time.

The benefits of being in nature for children are endless! Not only is fun and relaxing, but it also alleviates stress. We, at The Manthan School, among the top play school in Gaur city, allows children to use their imagination, and develop it mentally, physically, and emotionally. Since nature is worthwhile for everyone, you and your children can both enjoy the outdoors!

Parents and caregivers can incorporate nature into a child’s routine by taking them on walks or hikes in natural areas, having picnics in parks, planting a garden together, or simply spending time playing outside.

It is important for children to have these experiences from a young age in order to foster a love and appreciation for the outdoors, allowing them to carry these positive habits into adulthood.

Invest your precious time with your child in the garden or under the shield of nature! It’s a great way to enhance a child’s growth.

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