The relevance of project based learning in school ?>

The relevance of project based learning in school

A School recognises the critical importance of early years in a child’s life. Therefore, the Manthan School follows a modern way of educating the modern child of this generation. The curriculum is organised in such a manner that helps the students become lifelong learners. All the sports activities and extra-curricular activities like dance, art, music, and theatre are included in the curriculum to widen the horizon of learning of each student. Also, project based learning is an important element of the school curriculum.

The Manthan School has adopted various modern teaching methodologies and one of which is project based learning. Project based learning is the latest approach designed to give students an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging them in a project. This method has various benefits which enhance:

1) personal and social responsibility

2) planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity

3) strong communication skills, both for interpersonal and presentation needs

4) cross-cultural understanding

5) visualizing and decision making


One of the amazing thing about project work is that it makes school and learning more fun and interesting. Each and every student is engaged in different project work for better understanding and for a broader perspective.

The Manthan School is one of the best CBSE schools in Greater Noida West which aims to extracts the true potential and talent of the child to make him successful in the real life and world. This school is all about INTERNATIONAL APPROACH WITH INDIAN Soch that makes it the best school near gaur city.

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