Every Child is an Artist ?>

Every Child is an Artist

Art is the most significant and magical component of education to reinforce the power of imagination, innovation, and creativity in a student. The role of art is very essential in the early development of a student and that’s why the schools of this generation need to teach and encourage the students to engage in the art form as it has countless benefits. Besides art is fun, students learn to observe, interpret, see different perspectives, analyze, and synthesize.

CBSE schools in Noida Extension At The Manthan School, best cbse school in Greater Noida (W), great emphasis is being given to various forms of art. Art education is a part of the school curriculum which includes various art forms such as art & craft, performing arts, music, dance, theater, and much more. Young kids in the early years have a deeper sense of imagination and the best way to channelize their imagination and feelings is through role play, theatre, dance, music, painting, visual arts, etc which increase their self-confidence and help them introspect and reflect on their performances helping them baby steps into the most important skill of critical evaluation and problem-solving. Some of the highlights of educating young minds via art are:

  • Enhances creativity and focus
  • Improve academic performance
  • Sharpen intellectual and critical skills
  • Develops creative problem-solving skills
  • Development of language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness
  • Boost confidence

The Manthan School is among the best schools in Greater Noida West that is an ideal and complete school for new age students who seek the best in academics, arts, sports & extra-curricular activities, life skills, soft skills, and much more.

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