Creativity V/S Intelligence ?>

Creativity V/S Intelligence

Intelligence is an attribute of being smart and well-informed, whereas creativity is a mental process through which ideas pops into your mind. Intelligence and creativity are both mental abilities. Intelligence comes from the childhood itself, and involves a high capacity of learning or comprehending a particular term. Creativity is when we try to formulate new and innovative ideas, one that hasn’t been thought by the other. Both are equally important, and render different explanations, such as:

Creativity VS Intelligence


1) Has a capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding various aspects.
2) Has an attribute of grasping truths, relationships, facts and meanings.
3) The faculty of apprehension.


1) The quality of being creative.
2) The ability to surpass ideas, rules, and to formulate new ideas, forms, interpretations, imagination, etc.
3) Constructing something original and worthwhile.

Creativity and intelligence both work hand in hand. To be creative is to pull the intelligence that you have and quickly sort through budding consequence. Creativity is the highest structure of intelligence. Albert Einstein once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. So, how will you attain imagination without knowledge? It is near to impossible. A person having an intelligence and creativity only does 3 things; they have more experiences on everything, they think quite a lot on the experiences that they have, they execute their experiences, and work with the ideas they have come up with. Manthan School is one of the best nursery schools in Greater Noida West and follows the pattern of creativity and intelligence very well. The best schools in greater Noida west, are familiar with the concept.

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