Concept-Based Learning, A Better learning approach ?>

Concept-Based Learning, A Better learning approach

Learning is a life long journey which never ends. Learning should always be fun, interactive, effective and practical. Concept based learning is one of the effective approaches to make student’s mind sharp in creative and analytical thinking. The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida West which has integrated concept-based learning in the school curriculum. This learning in contrast to traditional learning focuses on core concepts that foster knowledge and facilitates learning as it makes the student’s think and analyse more widely and deeply. A concept-based curriculum engages the intellect and emotions of a student to a higher degree than a more traditional curriculum. Also, it helps the student to transfer their understandings across all learning areas. Concept-based learning brings “real world” meaning to content knowledge and skills. Student’s become better critical thinkers which are essential to their ability to creatively solve problems in the 21st century.


Student’s motivation for learning is increased, as they are encouraged to analyse facts and consider implications in a personally engaging way. By integrating concept based learning in the curriculum help the student’s become lifelong learners. Student’s become more creative, imaginative, and active learners who research, interpret, communicate and process learning to both others and themselves. If you are looking for the best primary school in Noida Extension for your child, The Manthan School is the perfect learning destination which aims to create a fine balance between academic excellence, artistic expression, and practical skills to make your child’s future bright and successful.

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