Is Grouping Student by Ability Logical? ?>

Is Grouping Student by Ability Logical?

We all have gone through the embarrassment of being grouped in the low category, and not able to tell our parents about it, because we feel ashamed. How degrading that is for a child? All your confidence lowers down, because you have been grouped in a low ability category. Even if you are energetic at that moment, all of that goes in vain because even your peers know what teachers actually think about you. Be it any subject, teachers have a tendency to group students according to their calibre. The Manthan School near Gaur city Noida Extension is strictly against this idea.


 There are innumerous factors that can have a negative impact through this:

1) The students who are struggling won’t be able to get the insights which the higher achieving students have. They are being grouped where everybody is having the same level of knowledge or lesser and nothing beneficial is being extracted from one individual to another.

2) Always remember that the students are familiar with what group they have been tagged in, and this will bring their confidence down. They would feel neglected and could even think they are not upto the mark.

3) Over the internet it is written that grouping the students according to their calibre is right, but it is wrong. Students learn best when there is a balance between struggle and learning. They would actually have the vision of what an intelligent student has in store for them. You never know what would they actually learn through this and work vigorously.

4) They will continue to do the work the way they are doing and won’t even seek help from home.

So, learn to treat everybody child equally, you never know what they have for us. The Manthan School is also treated as one of the best play school in Noida Extension.

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