Helpful Tips for Students Coming Back to School ?>

Helpful Tips for Students Coming Back to School

Schools in Noida and Greater Noida have started to open up over the subsiding wave of the pandemic. In this situation, students are about to go back to school after a gap of almost 2 years. It may seem like a daunting task for both – the students and the parents because adjusting to the school routine will be difficult.

To help throw light on some tricks to adjust to this new environment, The Manthan School has come up with a list of possible solutions.

  • Washing hands regularly – This act after every class, or during regular times in the day can help students participate in all activities that the school offers. This is because maintaining social distancing at school may be difficult.
  • Dedicated timings during the day for activities like homework, outdoor games, and TV should be laid out. This will help the student get back into the routine of the school.
  • Similar waking and sleeping times may help in reduced lethargy and improved grasping power in the classroom. This also enforces the daily routine.
  • Students may be daunted to go back out among a large group of people again. Parents should participate in this transition with them and ease them through the process. Doing household tasks, talking about school, discussing homework, all these activities can help the child become more comfortable with you as a parent.
  • Wear a mask at all times – Children may be used to using the mask outside, but the habit of using the mask at school should be incorporated.

Simply being there for the student as a parent and as a school will help them easily blend into the new normal. The Manthan School encourages students to come back to school and experience academics, social interactions, and friendships on a personal scale.

The Manthan School, Noida, and The Manthan School in Greater Noida West are waiting with open arms for their students to come back and fill our classrooms with activity, energy, and laughter.

Admissions for 2022-23 are now open.

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