3 Techniques of Tackling Homework The Easy Way ?>

3 Techniques of Tackling Homework The Easy Way

A practice that began as a method to inculcate self-study habits into students, homework given by most schools today tends to be more ‘finish-the-syllabus’ driven and less ‘help-in-self-study’ focussed.

At The Manthan School, we use our homework tasks to help students get familiar with the topics taught in class, without excessive stress or chances of overworking.

To tackle the load of homework and allow students to enjoy evenings full of social activity, sports and entertainment, we decided to come up with three changes that can be put into motion at home by parents. These will help make the tasks of homework more manageable, achievable and also free up time for students to pursue other activities.

  1. Same day working

One of the first changes that can be introduced to students’ home timetable is the completion of homework the day it was allocated.

Usually, students tend to let homework sit till the very last day before submission, and then rush to complete it. Here, even if the amount of homework given is less, a lot of work gets piled up, waiting to be completed one day before the submission, and thus a situation of chaos ensues.

Instead, as a parent, if we inculcate into our children the habit of completing the work they were assigned on the same day, a lot of the observed workload and stress reduces.

This will also help maintain a steady time gap between one assignment and another, and open up our children’s evenings for other classes and activities.

  1. Dedicated discussions

Homework makes a student self-sufficient and pushes them towards completing their work on their own, but if we, as parents, lend a helping hand, the situation remains calm and stress-free.

We need not give away the answers and physically help the students finish their work, but what we can do instead is allocate one hour every evening to a healthy discussion with the children. Here, you can discuss their day’s work, run through their homework to check for mistakes and solve any doubts that the student may have regarding the same.

This will help streamline the homework completion process, and also reinforce the challenge of completing the homework on the same day it was given.

  1. Non-material rewards

Non-materialistic praise and rewards given to students for completing work on time can help boost their confidence and reinforce a fighting spirit to go through the long day of school, homework and evening tasks.

Care needs to be taken that these rewards are well spaced out and that the students do not become solely dependent on these rewards to complete their homework.

As parents, when these three techniques are applied into the homework-solving routine of the students, a lot of the stress-induced from this workload and the pressure felt by the students reduces drastically, leading to an actual as well as an overall increase in productivity.

The Manthan School takes huge pride in being one of the best schools in Delhi-NCR and aims to educate young minds without making academics seem boring.

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