Contextual Teaching and Learning ?>

Contextual Teaching and Learning

In today’s time, many schools still follow the conventional methods of teaching students in the classrooms. Emphasis relies on memorization of the facts and rote learning. There is little application of knowledge by the learners and teaching is through direct instructions and lecture methods with little or no attention to social and emotional development. As a result, learners do not enjoy the learning process.


The Manthan School is one of the best high schools in Greater Noida West which provides a 360 degree learning environment to students. At The Manthan School, the primary focus is on “contextual teaching and learning” rather than a conventional method of learning. Contextual learning is based on a constructivist theory of teaching and learning. Learning takes place when teachers are able to present information in a way that students can construct meaning based on their own experiences.

This learning is a student centric approach to motivate the students to take charge of their learning and to relate between knowledge and its application to the various contexts of their lives. Contextual learning also motivates and encourages the students to introspect and explore their talent and learning. They will able to express themselves with precision and confidence and will thus achieve high standards in schools. If you are looking for the best play school near Gaur City, The Manthan School is the perfect school for your child which provides excellent education and learning to make your child stand out from the rest.

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