Spellings – A Major Role In Children’s Vocabulary ?>

Spellings – A Major Role In Children’s Vocabulary

Language skills with strong vocabulary are ideally considered the part and parcel of strong communication abilities. But what you all generally do to build your child’s language skills? Try hard to teach and train the kid to write words and see to it that the kid does this task without mistakes. Isn’t it? But the fact is that most of the children, on their way to learning, do make occasional spelling mistakes. It is common and there is nothing to get angry over it with your tiny tots. There is no need to dread the spelling mistakes if you are ready to guide the children in the right way.


Yes, we do agree that schools have a primary role to play in teaching children the nitty-gritty of spelling mistakes. And at The Manthan School, amongst the best schools in Delhi NCR, we give the needed attention to handle the children’s spelling mistakes and help them overcome their learning problems, thereby improving their overall language skills for the better.

Teachers at The Manthan School understand the learning problems in children and help sort out their spelling mistakes, guiding them until they learn to spell quickly and easily. They regularly review each child’s progress by creating ample opportunities for learning the correct spelling patterns and ingraining efficient language skills in the students’ minds. But for effective learning, parents must contribute to the development of children and this is why we always request the parents to help us achieve the desired development of their children.

The goal at The Manthan School is to strengthen and keep improving the children’s vocabulary and language skills. The faculty at The Manthan School builds in children a positive attitude towards learning to practice and improve their reading and writing skills in a well-versed manner. Overall, The Manthan School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida West has been imparting quality education to help students learn efficiently and enhance their skills and abilities to achieve both academic and professional success.

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