Learning English with Fun & Easy Games ?>

Learning English with Fun & Easy Games

The most significant period to learn a language is during childhood. Learning a child’s mother tongue is simple, while learning non-native languages like English can be challenging. Although almost all schools in India offer extensive English language instruction, and according to some estimates, India has the second-largest number of English speakers in the world, learning the language can be challenging if one or both parents are not fluent at home. The Manthan School is one such school that promotes and makes its students learn fluent English since childhood.

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However, if you are wondering how to learn English with little hustle, you can teach your child English at home during playtime by playing games with them. They can learn a lot during playtime. Games provide kids with a laid-back, enjoyable environment where they may practice new words. Children’s communication and language skills can develop by playing games and activities with them.

The Manthan School comes among the top 10 best schools in Greater Noida because its curriculum involves innovative and interesting learning methods that help students easy to grasp. Here are some examples of kid-friendly games and playtime activities that can be useful to learn the language with fun.

English Newspaper:

One of the best methods to teach your child English is by reading English newspapers. Make reading newspapers a part of their everyday routine. You must read it to your child while they are around and make sure they read at least one page on their own. Let them ask questions about language, words, or phrases. They pick up English through newspapers just as quickly as they would in a classroom. This comprises children’s magazines, and weekly and monthly publications covering politics, current affairs, business and economy, and sports. You may discover several English classroom activities on the back of many general knowledge books or in the reading rooms.

Word Games:

Playing word games with your kids might help them expand their vocabulary. The activities might be as easy as pointing at objects within or outside of the house, or even while driving. Such games help the child with additional knowledge about new words to make learning more engaging.

Pictionary or Scrabble:

Playing games like Pictionary or Scrabble will also help kids develop their language and communication abilities. You may find Scrabble and Pictionary at your local book or stationery store. The Manthan School library has such books to boost the vocabulary of its students.

Word Hunt:

The word hunt game is one of the best games for helping children learn English quickly. During this game, ask children to paste random words onto cardboard. It is a fun and easy-to-learn vocabulary game.

Word Marathon:

It is a simple game in which children learn to write words or names, beginning with a letter. It’s a game that boosts thinking skills in kids and therefore they love to play.

The best thing about English language games is that they may bore your kids now, but if you are consistent with them, they will enjoy the fluency of the English language for the rest of their lives. Although English learning is a fun activity, your kid may feel bored and lethargic when playing these English games. The Manthan School conducts such games and activities regularly and encourages its students to learn, write and speak fluent English. Remember, to learn English is to give yourself a new level of confidence in this world.


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