10 Fun Games to Improve The Memory of Your Child ?>

10 Fun Games to Improve The Memory of Your Child

At The Manthan School, we want to try some fun activities to boost a child’s memory, thinking, and concentration. These memory activities and fun games assist our students in remembering things for a more extended period of time.

Playing these memory games with kids can also improve a child’s concentration. Furthermore, kids will be able to learn new things by engaging in memory exercises or brain development activities.

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10 Entertaining Ways to ( Fun Games) Help Your Child’s Memory

Here is a list of ten memory games that your children will enjoy in order to improve their memory.

1) Number Memory Exercise

Share some numbers with the kids. The child then attempts to repeat what you say for one minute. Tell some numbers again, and the child must remember the pattern of numbers you have previously stated. Repeat this activity for five days in a row to effectively improve the child’s memory.

2) Memory Matching Game

You must provide the child with face-down cards on a surface such as a table or a floor. Turn over two groups of these cards and see if they match in terms of number, shape, color, or picture. Then place one card beneath another without telling your child what is beneath the card. Do this for five minutes, and the child’s memory will improve significantly.

3) Concentration Exercise

Ask kids to share about their daily routine, such as brushing the child’s teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and so on. After that, instruct the child to close his or her eyes and recall all of the events of the day. This game should be played right before the child goes to bed to help them remember what they did during the day. By playing this game on a regular basis, the child’s memory will improve.

4) Memory Lotto Game

You need to prepare lotto cards with pictures or words of items such as a toothbrush, bowl, spoon, and so on. Take two groups of these items and write the child’s daily routine items in one group, such as a toothbrush, brush, soap, and so on.

In the other category are the child’s favorite toys, such as a doll or a remote control car. Now shuffle the lotto cards and allow the child to pick any card without looking at it. The child must correctly state what is written on this card.

So, if a child picks up a lotto ticket that says toothbrush, they must say that it is part of their daily routine. This game aids in the improvement of a child’s memory for both types of things, such as daily routines.

5) Memory Cube Game

This memory game entails arranging various colored cubes (Red, White, Green, Blue, and Yellow) in a large tray. Ask kids to put them in order of color by only looking at them once. This improves a child’s memory and mental capacity.

6) Where’s Waldo?

For a long time, children have enjoyed playing this memory game. This child needs to find the hidden character ‘Waldo’ among a large group of people dressed similarly in striped shirts, caps, and glasses in the child’s room. This memory game for kids will improve their concentration.

7) Memory Game Using Coins

You will need some coins for this memory game. Place these coins in a room precisely where you believe a child can see them but not easily find them. The child must locate each coin using his or her memory by locating the same number of coins that the child initially placed. After identifying all of the coins, the child can rearrange them and test their memory with something other than coins.

8) Memory Game Using Cards

This child’s memory game is similar to Waldo’s. In this game, kids need to find a particular character from a large group of given characters or children.

Initially, you need to make some changes like the color of clothes, and other small details (like a mustache, accessories, etc) and give numbers like 5-6, etc. The child needs to remember these numbers while locating the character from a large group. Playing such games every day with kids for 10-15 minutes boosts their memory and confidence.

9) Picture Bingo

It is a similar memory game but instead of matching pairs, colors, and cards, kids are asked to select a picture card to match a baseboard. Each player chooses a board.

The matching cards are shuffled and spread face down on a flat surface. Players take turns selecting a card. If the card matches an image on the player’s board, the player has made a match and can take another turn.

If there is no match, the card is returned to the deck. The first person to match all of the images on their baseboard wins. This is one of the most interesting and fun games loved by every kid.

10) Draw a Word On My Back

This game requires attention, concentration, and physical sensation to a mental picture to guess what’s being drawn on their back. It is a fun activity that can be played anywhere and anytime. This helps to retain their memory and also helps to boost their sensational activities.


We hope these fun games for improving your child’s memory are useful for you. Try playing such memory games with your kids at home and boost their concentration.

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