Unique and Interesting Sports for Students to Try Out ?>

Unique and Interesting Sports for Students to Try Out

Academics and sports have gone hand-in-hand with the overall development of a child since the beginning of the schooling system. All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy, and schools have been putting their best foot forward to introduce sports into the lives of all their students.

Although sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, Karate, and Badminton are a few of the most popular games chosen by schools to be a part of their curriculum, there is a wide variety of sports in the world.

Children can opt for a number of unique sports – played in teams or individually – and fulfill their dose of activity. This might even become an opportunity for them to discover new hidden talent.

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The Manthan School has curated a list of a few unique and interesting sports that students can try their hands at:


A safe improvement on the historic activity of sword fighting, Fencing improves a child’s reflexes and can be a great boost to their dexterity. This sport can be undertaken from the age of six and is also competitive at various levels.


If your child likes to play individually, Archery is an excellent choice of sport. Being in existence since prehistoric times, Archery improves concentration powers and patience and is also a flexible sport that does not require a special court or space.


An individual’s sport is socially restricted to adults, Golf can teach students to concentrate and put in the patience and the practice to become better. This is a game that can be undertaken for the long run, seeing the student from teenage into adulthood.


Hula Hooping is an indoor sport that has gained popularity over recent years. Originally undertaken by adults or professional sports persons like gymnasts, Hula Hooping today has been adapted for everyone. This activity is a great way to accomplish your cardio goals as well as improve concentration and patience. This activity is not competitive yet.


Another activity that is non-competitive, Trampolining is an excellent sport. Apart from being a lot of fun for the children, it also exercises core and leg muscles. The best part about this sport? Trampolining does not require you to learn or improve on any special skills.

These are a few unique and interesting sports that can be tried by students. All of these help in the same way that regular sports do – provide overall exercise and keep the kids active.

Deciding between individual and team sports as well as competitive and non-competitive sports will allow students to identify the perfect sport for themselves.

The Manthan School encourages parents to find opportunities for their children to stay active. From time to time, it’s important to find the balance between academics and getting involved with co-curricular activities.

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