Identifying your child’s progress ?>

Identifying your child’s progress

As parents, your children’s progress in all walks of life is definitely of utmost importance to you, be it in academics, in social interactions, physical development or mental health progress.

More often than not, we tend to judge this progress by means of standardized questionnaires and testing, which means we ask our children generic questions, get them to fulfil regulated activities and perform actions based on what everyone else might be doing at that age.

Truth be told, these generalized testing methods and regulated activities do not apply for every child, since each of them is unique in their own progress and development. Usually, the process of putting our children through standardized testing may seem like a hindrance to them, since it might undermine their own unique process of growth and development.

A few ways in which we, as parents, can aid in the progress of our children without seeming to be a hindrance to them have thus been discussed and elaborated below.

Avoid comparison

Parents should avoid comparing the progress of their children to other kids they know, then be it within the extended family, friend circle or peers. For children, this form of comparison subconsciously tells them that they are ‘not enough’, that they should strive harder to be appreciated by their own parents.

Thus, this form of comparison at a young age can instill severe confidence issues in your children, leading them to develop weaknesses in necessary activities in the future, like decision making. It is necessary to let your children grow and develop in their own way without lining them up next to each other and finding out their differences.

Celebrate the uniqueness

As mentioned above, the progress of each child is different. Not staying limited to the arenas of academics or sports, your child could be achieving progress in a variety of other aspects, like social communication, speaking and understanding languages, leadership and problem solving, among others.

The celebration of each of these successes is necessary as a parent. Your children need the same appreciation and love for each progress they achieve that you show for achieving goals in academics or in sports.

Encourage them on the path and in the subjects they feel comfortable with, instead of paying heed to homogenized inputs from everyone around.

They see what you don’t

Children have the unique ability to see certain things in a way adults never can. They see opportunities, questions and quests in every small incident, every person, every small object of their lives. This is what we, at The Manthan School, believe for our students – they see what you don’t.

Thus, as parents, the identification of this ability in children is important. Let them grow, let them learn at their own pace. Let them challenge notions of this world, and they will surely make you proud one day.

Come, join us at Manthan School, where we identify the unique process of each child, and gently guide them towards a learning based on fun with information.

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