INTERACTION – Helps in developing children’s skills ?>

INTERACTION – Helps in developing children’s skills

Student Interaction within the classroom leads to efficient teaching in numerous ways. By allowing students to interact they begin to trust one another and build bonds with one another, which sometimes leads to forever long friendships. Besides the friendships, student interaction plays an enormous amount in the educational environment academically. Students always love interacting but at The Manthan School, one of the top play school in Gaur city make sure it is in a productive way.

Here are some of the results of what interaction in a class helps the students:

  • Improves Critical Thinking of Children
    Students need to participate in the discourse of the discipline to think, speak and be heard. Students develop the competency to think in a classroom that provides opportunities for intensive, structured interaction among students when they speak instead of just listening.
  • Increases Motivation
    Classroom interaction fuels student motivation and stimulates students’ involvement in the class. It helps the students see the relevance of teachers’ topic and increases participation as all students are involved.
  • Improves Teamwork Skills
    When there is an interaction of students among themselves, it allows the student to learn and understand how to work with partners. This develops and improves the skills of teamwork and it improves peer relationship and they can learn from each other as well.
  • Teaches Values to Students
    Whether the interaction is among small groups of students or whole-class discussion or student-teacher interaction, learners interacting this way in an interactive classroom learn the importance of patience and to value the point of view of others.
  • Increases Self- Confidence
    For students who are hesitant, an interactive classroom environment helps them in pushing their capabilities to speak which boosts self- confidence of children.

Thus, student engagement is important for the overall development of a child. We, at The Manthan School, among the top schools in Greater Noida West believes in bringing out the best in a child and improving their overall personality.

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