School Traditions during Online Learning ?>

School Traditions during Online Learning

Due to the advent of online learning, schools have shifted to become digital spaces rather than a combination of physical spaces – classrooms, cafeterias, auditoriums and offices. More often than not, this digital space consists of only one room – the room where the student attends these online classes.

This restriction to one space hinders the mobile interaction and social development of the students – the portion of school life that occurs in the corridors, auditoriums, cafeterias and other public spaces. Since every form of interaction has shifted online, it can make the students weary and tired. Thus, the re-introduction of these social spaces and interactions in a student’s life is extremely necessary.

In a country as diverse as ours, several festivals and occasions come up during the year. Schools are one of the foregrounds where children are introduced to the public celebration of these festivals – even the ones that their family and community do not celebrate. Dressing up in festive clothing, eating sweets and learning about the festivals at school is a form of social interaction that occurs with all five senses. In a digital world, this form of community celebration has taken a break, and the rich cultural diversity of our country is being kept from our students for the only reason of it being across a screen.

Although the right schools try to inculcate these out-of-classroom interactions with their students via a digital platform, parents and family need to come in to aid the same and create a social counterpart of the student’s life. As in a school, parents and family members should interact with each other during break times, hold conversations over school, work and otherwise, and share at least one meal together in a day. Whenever possible, the parents could involve the  students’ friends by inviting them over or sending your child out to play or eat with them. As a family, you could use holidays and evenings to go out on short trips or visits while maintaining socially distanced protocols.

Parents should also make sure that the cultural element of this social interaction is introduced. You could discuss different festivals, rituals and celebrations with your children, and let them know why you celebrate some of them as a family and why you don’t celebrate the others. Schools do conduct virtual celebrations for several festivals with a variety of activities, which the children can participate in. With this, an offline celebration at home will help the students enjoy and learn better, too.

This form of healthy interaction and communication outside of the laptop or mobile screen can help the students enjoy the social aspects of life alongside study and work. The examples of festival celebrations can be taken since they are a large part of the culture and the social lifestyle of the citizens of India, and are celebrated with as much gusto in schools and colleges.

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