Online Teaching: Safest Way of Teaching amid Covid-19 ?>

Online Teaching: Safest Way of Teaching amid Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created considerable ambiguity for both educators and students around the world that not only resulted in schools shut all across the globe but also changed the education system dramatically. More than 300 million students worldwide are having their education disrupted by the spread of Coronavirus. Schools and universities haven’t faced this level of disruption in generations, but unlike any time in the past, we can continue education even when the schools are close.

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A huge appreciation to the technology as well as the connectivity via the internet which has given growth to e-learning, whereby schooling has undertaken on digital platforms via online classes. The Manthan School, the best school near gaur city, has adopted the method of online teaching to minimize the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The School is not only for education but also for engaging the students in beneficial and creative indoor learnings by assigning homework and assignments daily. A proper assessment of each student is measured weekly by the educators to facilitate academic education smoothly and effectively.

The Manthan School is among the top schools in Greater Noida West that is providing the best education to the students amid the pandemic via online teaching. Although students are missing extracurricular activities, fun and social relationships from school, there are several perks of study from home as students can study where they feel most comfortable and can be a part of online class just by a click of a button. By studying at home, many students can get things done in a safe and relaxing environment.

Well, staying safe is the priority for young minds but also at the same time, education shouldn’t be affected in any way. Thanks to the rise of technology and connectivity that facilitates the education system around the globe effectively.

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