Creative Spaces to Enhance Learning ?>

Creative Spaces to Enhance Learning

Education is changing. As educators, at The Manthan School, our way of teaching is adapted to the demands of the current and coming world. Therefore, we aim to inspire our students to be leaders of their learning in order to become mindful and creative. Our sole pedagogical objective with several new learning spaces is to improve the learning process of young minds in many different ways. The Manthan School, best school in Greater Noida West, has several creative learning spaces such as open-air theatre, audio visual room, sports arenas, etc to enhance the learning experience of the students.

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The artistically designed open air theatre adds aesthetic value to the elegant design and beautiful landscaping of The Manthan School. Besides its scenic beauty it provides ample space for activities such as street plays, art, sketch, painting, festival celebrations, for meditating, for yoga, and also it provides a platform to enhance oratory skills for the young leaders of tomorrow. The audio visual room is well equipped with all the latest technology and its multipurpose usage for assembly function, parent orientation, lesson enrichment also makes it a good utility creative space for learning. Some of the benefits of integrating creative learning spaces in the school are:

  • Work is done collaboratively.
  • Learning spaces enhance relationships and communication between students.
  • Students focus more on creativity rather than productivity.
  • Creative spaces awaken students’ interest in learning.
  • Students learn through play.

When students feel comfortable in any space, they are more receptive to learn new things. The Manthan School, best school in Delhi NCR, has integrated several creative spaces to give students the freedom to think, imagine, explore, and learn.

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