From learners to leaders, at The Manthan School ?>

From learners to leaders, at The Manthan School

As the greatest minds of all time have said, Education is the most powerful force which you can use to change the world. Providing mental and physical development, education helps in eliminating many world problems like poverty, inequality, and illness. It also plays a major role in the overall growth of an economy. And leaders of tomorrow are not made in factories but in schools.We at The Manthan School, guide our children to new learnings of their interest and succeed to something better. Apart from teaching children to score good grades, the faculty primarily focus in helping every child to build their own perspective of life. This helps the child to build his/her own opinions. Ranked among top schools in Greater Noida West, The Manthan School has always believed in adding more to an Indian parent’s thought of educating their child, be it academics or sports.


As the name goes, this journey of learning is a combination of international education system with stress of Indian culture & heritage. This helps in developing a clear vision to children’s mind for exploring new verticals, be it books or sports. This 2.5 acres of green campus is made with the sole purpose of providing academics & sports together. We believe that physical activity not only boosts overall health but also helps in increasing the learning abilities of the child. The school premises offer different activities in and beyond academics like language lab, subject studios, science & technology lab. The school also features a library archived with all information needed. This includes music (Indian & western) and dance training from professionals who specifically trained to their respective duties.

Providing easy convenience to all those residing near-by, this high school in Greater Noida West is the smartest option for any parent who is looking for a good CBSE programmed school in Delhi/NCR.

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