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Greater Noida West, Affiliated to CBSE

Secondary School Curriculum

Secondary Education is the second stage in the system of public education. Students are trained to acquire organizational and analytical skills and also gain confidence for year-end examinations. The school follows CBSE curriculum offering four major subjects – English, Math, Science and Social Science and option between Hindi, French, Sanskrit and Spanish. The base for the second language is founded in the Middle School. Teacher and student workshops are held by eminent subject experts. Counsellors and teachers work with parents to guide students to identify their capabilities and potential. We aim to create a fine balance between academic excellence, artistic expression and practical skills supporting the emotional and social development of all students.

Life skills like social skills, thinking skills - critical, creative, decision making and problem solving, emotional skills and attitudes and values are embedded in the curriculum. Our ultimate aim is to help children become autonomous learners. Communication skills are a key area we constantly address for our growing learners, both through internal programmes, as well as by partnering with external experts.

high school in Greater Noida West
secondary school in Greater Noida West
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