Improve Creative Writing Skill in Children ?>

Improve Creative Writing Skill in Children

In today’s digitalized and technologically advanced world, our society and the industry has progressed at a phenomenal rate. However, reading a traditional book and writing creative content has still not lost its importance in the gathering of knowledge and exploring new ideas and imagination. Though the modes of engaging in such activity are progressing rapidly with an adaptation of new technology, it has never gone completely out of date due to the immense importance it subtly holds in our life. We, at the Manthan School, one among the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, always try our best to provide the perfect learning atmosphere to the budding minds and strive to instill them with the passion to create a better future for themselves.


This is even more so important for the young and adolescent minds budding with a lot of energy and the creativity that awaits only a nudge towards the proper direction. To sum it up in one single sentence, creativity helps to create, while writing helps to record the creativity and blends it with the presentation. Exploring new genres and types of books not only exposes the children to a holistic viewpoint but also helps them to explore and understand the various aspects of their natural interests.

One of the most effective ways to help kids improve their writing skills is to provide them with a series of words or sentences upon which they can build a story with the relevant topic. These not only help the child to visualize and correlate the word or the phrase and include it into the account but also to use their imagination to the full extent.

At Manthan School, one of the best CBSE School in Greater Noida West, encourage the parents to keep an eye out for such talents and abilities in their child and help to nurture it with the right kind of support and encouragement.

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