The Art of Reading & Writing ?>

The Art of Reading & Writing

Children learn to use symbols, combining their oral language, pictures, print, and play into a coherent mixed medium and creating and communicating meanings in a variety of ways. From their initial experiences, children begin to read words, processing letter-sound relations and acquiring substantial knowledge of the alphabetic system. As they continue to learn and grow, children increasingly consolidate this information into patterns that allow for automaticity and fluency in reading and writing. Therefore, a good school holds full responsibility for enhancing and evolving the reading and writing skills of each student during his initial to his final school educational years.

The Manthan School is one of the best schools in Delhi NCR that lays a great emphasis to enhance the reading and writing skills of the students from their early years. Various pedagogies are implemented in the curriculum to reinforce the skills of students. While there are countless benefits to having strong reading & writing skills, the benefits of teaching students these skills from an early age are mostly on academic success across the curriculum. Study after study suggests that students who are able to master writing skills early on struggle less in overall literacy and communicating. Some of the benefits of fostering reading & writing skill are:

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  • Develops mind.
  • Enhances imagination and creativity
  • Encourages a thirst for knowledge
  • Improves vocabulary and language skills
  • Increase communication and presentation skills

Reading and writing may be looked at as fundamental skills within the classroom, but their use remains essential long after one’s formal education comes to an end. Living in the digital age has made literacy even more important, as communicating professionally via writing is an important (and assumed!) skill in most workplaces. So, if you are looking for the best school near gaur city for your kid, The Manthan School is the perfect school that aims to foster your kid’s growth in life and career.

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