The home of experiential learning – The Manthan School ?>

The home of experiential learning – The Manthan School

Academics are always kept as a priority when institutes seek an ideal way of educating their children. This comprises of different subjects according to the child’s age and evaluation afterward. But with this common practice in our system, it becomes monotonous for both the learner and the teacher to keep circling around the same pattern which doesn’t add to their interest. As stated by many experts in the teaching field, it becomes important to keep on igniting children’s interest in what they are learning. Just like anyone, children also get bored staring at the same book every day, thus the learning process needs to be more experiential so students can take part & explore by themselves.


Importance and Benefits of Experiential Learning at The Manthan School

Cultivating Lifelong Learners:

Experiential learning at The Manthan School aims to instill a passion for learning that extends beyond the classroom. By actively involving students in hands-on experiences, the institution fosters a mindset of continuous curiosity and exploration.

Real-world Application:

The emphasis on experiential learning goes beyond theoretical understanding. Students engage in practical, real-world scenarios, allowing them to apply knowledge in situations mirroring those they may encounter in their future endeavors.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving:

The approach encourages students to think critically and solve problems independently. Through experiential activities, they develop analytical skills, learning to navigate challenges and devise innovative solutions.

Deep-seated Understanding:

Experiential learning facilitates a profound comprehension of subjects. Instead of surface-level memorization, students actively engage with the material, resulting in a more profound and enduring understanding of the concepts.

Breaking Monotony

The traditional academic approach can become monotonous for both students and teachers. Experiential learning introduces a dynamic element, breaking the routine and injecting enthusiasm into the learning process.

Curiosity-driven Exploration:

By encouraging students to explore topics of interest, experiential learning transforms them from passive recipients of information into active seekers of knowledge. This curiosity-driven approach enhances motivation and engagement.

Holistic Development:

Experiential learning at The Manthan School is designed to nurture not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of individuals. It focuses on honing interpersonal skills, creativity, and adaptability—qualities essential for success in diverse fields.

Retention and Application:

Engaging in hands-on experiences enhances retention and application of knowledge. Students remember and understand concepts better when they actively participate in the learning process, moving beyond rote memorization.

Preparation for the Future:

The experiential learning model prepares students for the challenges of the future. By exposing them to real-world situations, it equips them with the skills and mindset necessary to navigate an ever-changing, dynamic world.

Fostering a Love for Learning:

Experiential learning at The Manthan School is not just about academic achievement; it’s about instilling a genuine love for learning. This passion becomes a driving force that propels students towards continual self-improvement and knowledge acquisition.


The Manthan School is one of the few primary school in Noida which has introduced us all to this unique concept of experiential learning. This type of classroom aims at teaching through first-hand experiences. And not only restricted till classroom, this learning can be guided around any particular skill, knowledge or craft that students want to learn. Interacting closely with the thought not only leads to self-exploration within children, but also promotes general aspects like teamwork, social & communication skills. Children feel more confident with their ideas and can share the same without any hesitation.

Manthan’s educational structure is informative & interesting enough to invite the learner about exploring more. It is specifically designed to support the journey of our young minds where they can interact with different subjects or material and initiate their own connection with it. Other major factor that the institute strives for, is the environment children learn in. It has to be productive enough so the child also feels an urge to create something.  Ranked amongst top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, the authorities still strive to cater the finest education to every child and plans of expanding the Manthan family to different grounds.

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