Learning of a lifetime ?>

Learning of a lifetime

Education is considered as one of the biggest investment where we do not hesitate to put in our utmost efforts. And when talking in-specific about India, it is kept on top priority from the beginning of our lives in order to achieve the desired success. For many, the importance of schools is still restricted till thinking of a better and secured professional career. But the facts have always stated that schooling and its learning from the initial stage of our lives matter the most, resulting in the person we become. And therefore, it becomes really important for us to decide the right education for our young ones which they need and deserve.


The Manthan School near Gaur city is one of the few educational institutes in Delhi/NCR region that has changed the way an ideal education system functions. This school with an International approach towards academic learnings also aims at delivering the same with an Indian approach. We may come across many institutes who position themselves at top for imparting good education but very few institutes are able to keep stress on Indian culture and its roots. And the makers behind this project also believe in empowering students with more skills and techniques around different subjects to they can explore more. This common interest of self-exploration helps children in being more vocal with their thoughts and ideas, plus a strong social presence.

The authorities don’t believe in stressing children with books but maintaining an equal balance in the curriculum where academic learning complements sports education. And ranked amongst one of the top primary schools in Noida Extension, the creators strive for delivering a stimulating environment to children. The teachers help students in nurturing their skills and further turning them in to active & global citizens because it’s the young blood which defines the future of a country.

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