An innovative approach ?>

An innovative approach

Education sector in India has always been regarded on top-notch priority when investing. We all seek the best for our young ones and that’s what they deserve too, right? But not all strive for the same objective of making a change. All educational structures emphasize on bringing the academic stress with curriculums whereas very few are able to achieve an international approach with an Indian soch. Ranked amongst one of the best educational projects & schools in Greater Noida West, The Manthan School has been constantly working towards creating an impact with their distinctive approach towards academic curriculum for the young generation. At this earliest stage of education, it becomes necessary to work hand in hand with the child towards their learning process. This not only boosts up the child’s moral towards learning something different but also helps them to initiate new learnings by themselves.


The school’s learning structure is designed specifically to maintain an equal balance between developing child’s mental & physical health. Very few institutes are able to maintain a curriculum where physical education complements academic learnings. Integrated with a theme, these curriculums have the best of academic topics featuring different architecturally designed subject studios of Maths, Science, Social Science & other different languages.

Being an international School in Greater Noida West, The Manthan School has always chased towards making its learning more innovative and exploring for children. All classrooms at Manthan are fully equipped with advanced teaching equipment for explaining every part of it. These diverse activities help students to enhance their social skills. Be it free structured play or enhancing their own art & craft skills, these topics creates awareness amongst students. This appreciation of changing the world and thinking innovatively comes with these types of experiential learnings. The project has already achieved much appreciation with their primary wing in Noida and this learning square looks the same road to success.

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