Let your child explore & create ?>

Let your child explore & create

We, at The Manthan School have always believed in letting the young minds explore to new heights. When we say exploring, it can be associated with any event, activity or subject which they like and want to participate in. Children in their initial years are not expected to excel a particular art or skill but to learn and adapt to new teachings effectively. This little push is what an ideal education institute strives for. Ranked amongst best schools in Greater Noida west, the teachers always encourage these young minds to initiate more understanding from their side which further helps them to participate more in similar subjects. This not only proves the structure beneficial for these individuals but also for other students whom they communicate with. This creative and nurturing environment is built to help children in learning more about different cultures and roots.

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The institute operates on a strategically designed education structure which challenges the academic standards of our ongoing structure. Getting involved in different activities within school and inter-school events give opportunities to talented individuals to achieve ambitious goals. The homely environment with trained teachers always accommodates family expectations. The school features different activities like photography and film making as one of the major pillars in planned curriculum for each class. The objective here is to introduce the basic aesthetics of photography so children can explore places and capture their own view. This also helps them in being updated with new & upcoming technologies. Students are guided by professional photographers to help them understand in-depth knowledge about the instrument.

In short, this institute’s Indian approach to teach about different cultures and traditions through their curriculum has been appreciated within many educational forums. And this can actually be a big win for people considering for any CBSE school in Greater Noida west or nearby areas in Delhi/NCR.

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