School is a child’s first home! ?>

School is a child’s first home!

Child’s basic learning step towards life starts from a school. And being the initial years so critical for their development phase, it becomes really important for parents to overlook their choices of an ideal institute. This is something we all are considerate about, when planning for our younger generation. These educational institutes play a vital role thus are expected to provide a healthy and positive environment so children feel homely. Very few institutes are able to challenge the ongoing structure of learning and regularize something of their own.


Ranked amongst top schools in Greater Noida West, The Manthan School is striving to create an impact with their new learning strategy for young brains. This 2.5 acres of green educational society has been achieved with the sole purpose of providing a barrier free learning environment. This school aims at creating harmony with nature with its modern design. This further provides an aesthetically pleasing and motivating environment for the students during their experience at the institute. The project features large air-conditioned & well-lit classrooms equipped with smart learning techniques. The overall structure of the institute is strategically designed to ensure no interferences between different blocks like Nursery, Administrative and Secondary.

The main objective behind providing this best in class amenities is to encourage these young minds to explore new subjects. This helps them to develop their own pace of learning and understanding new subjects and concepts. This International School in Greater Noida West has been constant towards maintaining an equal balance between academics and co-curricular activities like sports and performing arts. This helps in proper development of your mental and physical health. Over-burdening with academics can also hinder a child’s will to explore new subjects or activities. This makes them a bit lazy when comes to physical exercise or activity and less participant in sports.

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