The best of what your child deserves at The Manthan School! ?>

The best of what your child deserves at The Manthan School!

Ranked amongst best schools in greater Noida west, this 2.5 acres of institution named The Manthan School, has been developed with the main objective of providing the best of education in a holistic ambiance to every child. The thought behind this institute believes that every child needs an equal balance of mental and physical health which directly depends on the educational structure around them. Initial learning years play a vital role in overall development of an individual as they are able to interact and choose their hobbies. Our educational structure is specifically designed with prioritizing academics and co-curricular activities equally so the child can explore more in both the verticals. This not only helps the child to communicate more easily or express himself/herself with people around but also improves their social skills.


Our learning structure allows the child to make connections with things they like. These learnings help children to be ready for a more dynamic & multi-cultured world.  The trained professionals in the institute make sure that the children feel like home and help them to develop a deeper sense of learning. Integrated amongst different subjects, the learnings help children to be updated with an ever-evolving information and digital age.

The school strongly follows the discipline of time management and have introduced the concept of subject studios. Featuring different studios for subjects like Mathematics, Social Science and languages, the school helps children in channelizing their inner abilities. The learning becomes more meaningful when the young brains are close to different technology and aids. This School in greater Noida west has been a savior for people looking for good educational institutes in its nearby location. And not restricting to its own and nearby areas, the location provides an easy convenience for people who are even travelling from various parts of Delhi/NCR.

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