A barrier free learning experience! ?>

A barrier free learning experience!

After successfully setting up with its educational goal in Noida, The Manthan School is now rooting for big with its new CBSE school in Greater Noida West. This 2.5 acres of master plan is the most efficient learning design ever made, providing a holistic ambiance with greenery in harmony. Amidst various international schools, The Manthan School strives at catering a world class campus for children to explore unlimited possibilities. Keeping in mind, the universal design principles have been worked along to provide a higher and deeper understanding of different subjects in a motivating environment. The institute features large air conditioned classrooms with proper ventilation for air and sunlight. These classrooms are equipped with smart learning techniques which further helps teachers to explain the subjects in a better way.

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The curriculum in The Manthan School is specifically designed where academic structure complements sports education. And not only revising the same, but the institute believes in modifying and evolving its curriculum with time. This is done according to the needs of children. The institute follows a unique pattern with its curriculum where all its elements are inter-related to each other. Integrated under a theme, this independent structure allows students to be lifelong learners with efficient coverage of resources.

Ranked amongst top schools in Greater Noida West, The Manthan School’s curriculum allows students to work upon their speech & language skills. This further helps students in maintaining an overall development for their future learning process. This structure makes children more confident and expressive with their ideas and thoughts. This makes them socially strong with good communication skills. The structure doesn’t revolve only around academics but features various types of physical activities which are given equal weightage in curriculum. This leads to self-exploration in students where they initiate learning about a subject like art & craft by themselves.

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