Learning with imagination and creativity matters in education ?>

Learning with imagination and creativity matters in education

A good classroom environment always has some elements of creativity and imagination which make the learnings more interesting, fun and interactive. The right mix of creativity along with imagination in the curriculum helps students to be innovative and curious to learn new things. Being creative is all about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better. Studies have shown that enhancing student creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally and emotionally. To come up with innovative ways to problems and ideas that get results, students need to have a good imagination along with creativity. The Manthan School is the best play school in Noida extension which embraces imagination and creativity both inside and outside of classrooms.


With good imagination and creativity students are better in critical thinking, decision making, visualisation, and understanding. Creative students are more curious about the world and have good interpersonal skills. They tend to become more independent, as they can solve their own problems, and they are more likely to have more enhanced cognitive abilities, particularly when it comes to language skills. These both skills together help the students to be passionate, focused, better learner, and improve mental and physical wellbeing. Being in the top 10 schools in Delhi NCR, The Manthan School focuses on providing the best education and learnings to their students so that they will become future leaders.

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